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  • >  Detailed analysis of each chapter based on difficulty and cognitive levels
  • >  Specific areas of strength and improvement highlighted
  • >  Analysis of relative performance through comparison with class average results
  • >  Detailed distracter analysis of MCQs
  • >  Analysis of errors and related misconceptions
Student Report


  • >   Subject-wise performance reports at class and school levels
  • >   Comparison of performance across sections in a particular grade
  • >   Specific areas of strength and improvement highlighted
  • >   List of students who need support in specific subjects
  • >   Comparison of performance across terms at the school level
Class & School Report


Intensive Assessment is carried out after the school’s examination. It includes both formative & summative, pen & paper and activity based assessment. Pen-and-paper questions may include MCQs, Fill in the blanks, Match the following, and Long & Short answer type questions. All the questions are analysed on difficulty and cognitive levels. MCQs are specially used to provide detailed distracters and misconception analysis. The report generated thereof cater to all levels of learning – student, teacher and school.

The assessment process is customized to suit the needs of individual schools and typically has the following steps:

  • >   Profile Creation
  • >   Exam Plan Creation
  • >   Academic Plan Creation
  • >   Question Paper Creation
  • >   Data Capture
  • >   Report Generation
Intensive Assessment